Who Am I

I’m Jumping…Leaping actually.

In the back of my mind I have always contemplated the idea of starting a blog. In the beginning, two things held me back – fear and the belief that I had ‘too much’ to say. In my head, blogs were supposed to fit in neat little categories – lifestyle, fitness, holistic health, motherhood, politics, etc. I found myself stuck on the self-doubting believe that I had no business creating a blog that touched every topic imaginable. I’m not exactly an expert at anything. I’m just a lover of life. And I want to share life with those around me. Even the bad parts – just maybe not right in the middle of the bad parts. But then again, is anyone concerned with the actual forest when all they are trying to do is recognize the trees in order to convince themselves they are NOT in fact running in mindless circles? (side note, my Tarot Reader said that’s exactly what I’m currently doing, so….)

Finally I just decided, you know what? I’ve had a lot of experiences and I am willing to bet that others have too. There is a whole community out there who can relate and expand my thoughts and experiences. Why not try to reach others? Why don’t we share life with each other more? Life is only ours once. I’d hate to miss out. And I’d hate to be the cause for others to as well. This is after all the era of reclaiming our time (Auntie Maxine) and following our GPS (Auntie Latham), right?

So here I am. We’ll talk about everything here. I’ll be honest here. When I intend to protect the real people who will often be highlighted in my experiences, I’ll be upfront when I stretch and mold stories. I won’t lie to you. Community is strengthened with transparency. If we have learned anything in the last few years it should be that.

I’m going to be raw. Current. Hindsight focused. I want to appreciate the complexity we are blessed with as souls inhabiting these clumps or stardust that we call bodies.

Let’s dialogue. Let’s grow and expand. Let’s live our lives!

Let’s share life with one another.

And don’t forget. You’re a unicorn. Start by defining what that means to you.

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