Delays – The Gift of Time

I recently stumbled upon something that caused me to stop and shift my mindset. I found it rather relevant during the holiday season when so many of us are traveling and/or relying on the service of others.

A large majority of us are always wishing we had more time. It’s as common as sliced bread. (Or something else that is fairly common… actually how common IS sliced bread??)

So let’s say that each and every delay we encounter is our wish being granted.

Each delay is a gift of time.

What were you doing or thinking that caused you to wish you had more time? Was it that you were feeling bad for not picking up the phone and calling your friend or aunt?

Guess what? Your flight was just delayed. You now have a solid chunk of time with nothing to do but wait. AND to call your friend or aunt who you’ve been meaning to speak to for months. 

Or why not start that journal you’re always talking about? Make that bucket list. Write a gratitude list. Whatever it is you have been putting off or delaying.

You have just been granted the gift of time.

Or maybe you have a business to run and right now is a difficult time to attract new customers because of holiday overspending and holiday plans filling up calendars. Don’t let this be a phase in your year that you regret not taking advantage of. Pick up that book to learn more about your industry. Use this time to organize what you’ve been pushing to the side. This open time is a delay effect you can use to your advantage.

Success hasn’t come your way yet? That delay is the prime opportunity to work on yourself. Success will not only demand more from you professionally, but personally. Keep growing. The delay is giving you a chance to prepare.

Delays are a fact of life. I could continue to provide example after example. But in a world where we are constantly asking for time, isn’t it time we take advantage of it when it comes our way?

It’s your turn. Shift your thinking.

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