Why a car?!?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about how Elon Musk has sent a Tesla Roadster and a Starman into space. A car.

And. Well. I have questions.

I’ve read article after article trying to wrap my head around this whole event. Trying to figure out WHY.

Why a car? Just why?

I get it’s entertaining?! It’s never been done before?!

It’s all in the name of science. Sure. It IS pretty significant. I can admit that and respect the sheer impressiveness of it all. Of seeing the Starman cruising through space in a convertible like any other great day for a drive with the top down.


That car and fakeman are going to be “floating” through outer space for years and years and years and… What exactly does that prove? At what point should we be drawing a line between what is science (and beneficial at that) and what is just humans being harmful?

It’s feasible that car will run into a planet – Mars specifically. Are we sure what that would mean? What if it runs into something else? Is it possible it could change the trajectory of say a meteor, the possibilities are endless in my head.

Also. It’s just straight up pollution. And I think that’s where I get so frustrated with trying to find an answer to my question “why”.

That, coupled with the door that has now be opened for private (commercial) individuals. It’s nearly wide open now and gives them access to send things into space…. I just…

Have we not done enough damage to the planet we live on? Did we just feel the need to extend that claiming of territory and polluting of our surroundings to space?

It’s difficult for me to understand how sending a car into space provides us with enough benefit to outweigh the disrespect it portrays to our gorgeous and ever-giving universe.

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