It’s Time For You To Break Up With The NFL

Because…. There are SO many other things to do other that support the NFL who’s commissioner feels fining players for kneeling during the anthem is a great way to end a divisive situation and get back to highlighting players’ athleticism and abilities. I’m paraphrasing, but look it up – yes he said that. Good ‘ol Rodger.

I was of the boycott clan last fall and guess what… I survived. I found so much more to do with my time and I have no doubt that you will survive to.

Plus… well morals and all that.

So here is a list of things you can do in the fall – with your family, with yourself, with friends, etc. All of your relationships will grow because of it. I’m actually sure about that.

  • Host a bonfire and sit around it drinking beer and sharing laughs
  • Wander around an apple orchard or pumpkin patch
  • Hike and have a picnic
  • Go for a long leisure walk through the neighborhood
  • Get lost in a corn maze (I mean lost, those things are such fun evil)
  • Make homemade bird feeders
  • Take a drive just to look at leaves and nature
  • Pick up a book (I have many suggestions)
  • Call your mother. Or your dad. Or your brother. Or your friend who you’ve been missing.
  • Talk to your neighbor
  • Do that house project (inside or outside) that has been waiting on you for for.e.ver
  • Play board games – better yet have game nights with your friends
  • Learn a new language
  • Meal prep for the week
  • Start brewing your own beer & invite your friends over for tastings
  • Tour a winery
  • Spend the day at a farmer’s market
  • Learn to cook and host dinner parties
  • Have a Netflix Binge party with all the tailgate snacks your heart desires
  • Tailgate (aka have a backyard bbq) and play yard games
  • Join a flag-football team
  • Last, but not least. Do anything – anything that all that will make you a better person.

If it seems like a hard task in front of you (giving up football and all) then you can try college football OR find a more reputable and deserving organization to throw your money and time into.

Just a thought.

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