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The Lesson I Learned From Knock-Knock Jokes

The ugly that this country was built on, the ugly that is ruling and growing at such a swift pace, just all the damn ugly has your girl down.

It’s been hard for me to disconnect and focus on anything. Work. Home. It just all started to feel like a fuzzy blur.

So  this week I’ve been putting in an extra effort to do things JUST because they lift my heart. JUST because they make my abs contract in authentic laughter. JUST because they make me stop and smile from the inside out.

It all started with a knock-knock joke. The really bad, cheesy ones. So only the BEST ones. I started finding new ones every night before bed and reading them to Isaiah. I read. His eyes roll. I excitedly read the punch line and giggle. He can’t help but bust into a fit of laughter.

I’m certain it’s not at the joke itself, but at my silly and unexplainable joy from something SO very cheesy.

It’s the best thing I’ve extracted from these past few days. His face. His laugh. He hates that it’s all so darn funny.

And I love everything about that.

Here are ten other things I love.

1. Blue hydrangea flowers. My heart literally lifts when I see a bush of them.

2. Cardinals and white butterflies.

3. Reggae beats.

4. Live music.

5. Trail running along the river.

6. The tiny bud of new growth on any of my indoor plants.

7. The soft look a dog gives you, when they slightly dip their head and try not to look at you, in anticipation of possibly having you pet them.

8. The sound of the wind in the trees.

9. Outdoor beer gardens

10. That pocket of new in the morning – everything is quiet and everything smells so fresh.

I encourage you to make your own list. Then seek out all of them. As much as possible.

Keep paying attention to what makes your heart smile.

We’re gonna get this right. Eventually, we are going to get this right. We have to.


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