Can We Talk About Being Christian?

Can we talk about something for a minute? How do you know if you’re being Christian?

I’m serious. This is something I’ve been rolling around in my head and I truly cannot come to terms with it. I just don’t. Understand.

I won’t say I’m an expert on Christianity – or religion for that matter – but I did grow up in the church and I went to a Catholic school for 12 years. (13 if you want to count preschool!)

Also. My grandparents were very involved with the church and community.

Growing up, I always thought it was the church that made them who they are. Caring. Genuine.

But the older I got, I realized – or rather began to see – that it wasn’t their christianity at all.

At least not in my opinion.

They were just damn good human beings.

Too often – especially over the last 7 years or so – I’ve see people who categorize themselves as Christian – or religious – be nothing but exclusive and judgemental. It would seem that group of people (a majority at least) operate from a place of scarcity. And from that place of scarcity, the only ones worth the limited resources is them. Those who share a table with them and resemble their skin tone and background.

Now. 12 years of education taught me the EXACT opposite.

Y’all are not supposed to believe that there is limited anything needed for a full life. And even IF that is true, you’re supposed to share. You’re supposed to welcome others IN!

There is no judgement. There is no “other”. There is no “yours and mine”. There is no “not good enough”. There is no “you don’t deserve”.

There is no rejection. There is no killing.

JESUS HIMSELF WAS PROSECUTED FOR WHAT? Tell me. Tell me what he did ‘wrong’ to deserve that?

Does he condone killing – regardless of the situation?

Did he feel he had the right to be judge AND jury?

Does he turn away families and children?

I don’t even believe in Jesus and God per se, but I know my parents didn’t waste their money on sending me to a private school because I remember what I was taught. I remember what the Bible’s main message is.

And if I, as someone who does not even characterize themselves as Christian – or religious – can figure that out, I’m very confused about what y’all are doing and saying.

I’m confused about the lives you’re living.

Or maybe I’m not. You see, I also learned a few other things in school.

One of them was the definition of the word…


(And in case you didn’t learn here’s the definition: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion)

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