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Manifestation Is Both Believing And Seeing

I’ve always (and by always, I mean ever since I began my own spiritual journey outside of organized religion) believed wholeheartedly in manifestation. If you would have asked me a month or so ago, I would have explained to you what you should do to set yourself up for manifestations to materialize in your life. However, it would have been based on empty faith.

I got so caught up in the ‘how’ of manifesting, that I stopped paying attention to what was actually happening in my world. And if I’m not paying attention, that means I’m probably taking for granted what I should be spending time pouring gratitude into.

This past week I took the time to intentionally sit during meditation. No affirmations. No daily focus. Just simply sitting with singing bowls.

I purposely created a space for quiet in which all that I’ve been so focused on manifesting can soften and allow me to take a look at my life from an outsider’s perspective.


I did it.

I’m DOING it.

I’ve been manifesting this whole damn time.

I wanted to move Isaiah to Silver Spring, MD. Nobody believed it would actually happen. Hell, I wasn’t sure how the heck it was going to happen. Mark certainly had his reservations. But instead of letting all of that weigh on me, instead of focusing on the details of ‘how’, I just let my heart and mind believe it was happening. I imagined being in a home that fit. From the location, to the neighbors, to the layout, to the opportunities it presented.

Despite never being anywhere NEAR here.

At first while imaging where we would live, I tried to “adult” myself and say ‘well actually an apartment is probably more practical at first, ya know?’, but that did NOT feel right. So I kept looking at houses (way outside my price range) and I kept believing. I kept imagining.

It was that power and that willingness to be open to what the universe had in store, that allowed Mark to come out to DC for a 2-3 day trip and find the PERFECT rental house on a cul-de-sac, backed up to a national park with a trail that goes all over the city, ½ a mile from Z’s elementary school (who had an amazing counseling team and an equally amazing teaching staff one of whom was perfectly suited for Isaiah’s transition and prep for middle school), and so beautifully redone and flowy it was bonkers this was going to be come our home in 4 weeks time!

There is no reason why that all worked out the way it did.

No reason other than that I believed it would. And I trusted it would.

Another example. After moving out here, I fell in love with all the fresh, locally grown produce that is highlighted at the numerous farmer’s markets around the area. I wanted to start expanding my healthy food horizon and begin experimenting with changing my diet to be more plant-based.

The only problem was, I was completely overwhelmed and felt too far uneducated to know where to even start. Then I met someone who has a farm in Pennsylvania and they come to all the local MD markets, and were looking for help. I jumped at the chance because it was easy money for a Sunday AND I love hanging at farmers markets ANYway. Win, win.

What I didn’t know was the access I’d have to not only “free produce” of my choosing every Sunday, but the wealth of knowledge I would get from not only working with those from the farm, but from all the lovely people who shop at our stand. We share recipes and brainstorm cooking experiments to try. And we always report back to each other the following Sunday. I’ve even been invited to a Jerk Chicken dinner with a lady born and raised in Jamaica! (If you know me you know how PICKY I am about my LOVE for jerk chicken!!)

Again. It makes no sense that I ended up with this gig that matches me with phenomenal produce and people who light my fire. Other than I put it at the front of my mind and believed it was already on it’s way to me.

I guess my point is this. Even though I can share these two stories now (and there are many, many more), it doesn’t mean it was obvious to me at first.

Like I said, before last week I just wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t SEE what the universe was giving me. I didn’t see how it was answering! I may have been ready to receive, but I was not ready to see.

That’s okay. It’s okay because I do now.

And now that I do, I can go forward with more awareness.

See. Manifesting isn’t just what you can imagine for yourself.

It’s opening up and doing the work to make room for your desires to come into your life.


It’s opening your eyes to realize how those desires show up.

How your heart gets it’s answer.

Then it’s up to you, again, to be thankful.

Never stop showing your gratitude.

There’s always something to be thankful for.

Thank your strength for continuing to believe.

Thank the universe for supporting you.

Revel in gratitude.

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