Who Am I

Who Am I Even Talking To?

The other day I spent some time writing down my goals and intentions for the month of September & one of my focuses was clarifying who I am talking to when I write these blogs, or post on social media. The you who is reading this right now – who are you?

I will admittedly say, while I think anything and everything I share is certainly beneficial to someone who identifies as a man, my primary focus is going to be those of us who identify as a woman.

That’s for a few reasons beyond the fact that is how I, myself, identify. It’s also because we are so often overlooked and forgotten. It’s because I’m a proud feminist (an inclusive one at that). And it’s because I think we deserve to unpack and peel back the layers to find and express who we truly are. Mold and societal expectations be damned.

Realistically tho, I suppose, I’m really writing to whoever will listen. I love dissecting anything and everything, there is rarely a topic that I shy away from. Genuine, authentic, explorative conversation literally sets my soul on fire.

I should probably stop and thank my Grammy here for giving me the gift of gab. 🙂

I also love listening to people tho. I find humans fascinating and how each of us view and approach even the simplest topics is one of the many, many beauties of life. I wouldn’t be living if I didn’t take the time to absorb and appreciate that about others I get to come in contact with every day.

Anyway. See ^^ gift of gab.

My wonderful brain will take you all over the place and have you coming face-to-face with all the feels.

I love emotions just as much as I love conversation.

But right. Who I’m talking to.

If you are someone:

Who is trying to figure out WHAT your dream is first, so then you can chase it

Who has felt lost after losing a friend

Who has combated with anxiety and self doubt

Who has struggled with losing weight

Who is a parent

Who has ever doubted their ability (and/or their desire) to be a “good” parent after already being one

Who has had their heart ripped out of their chest

Who has been divorced

Who has been unhappy

Who fights like hell for what they want

Who knows they deserve the life they feel surrounds their best self

Who wants to always be better than who you were yesterday

Who gives a whole lot of fucks

Who loves wine

Who wants to be healthier

Who wants to be their own boss

Who just wants to live their life living (truly living)

Well… then I’m talking to you.

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