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Network Marketing Is My Meal Ticket

I used to be such a judgemental debbie-downer when it came to network marketing.

It was completely ignorant and naive of me. Without dwelling, I do find myself wondering what my life would look like right now had I not been such a dweeb.

The thing is. Breakdown the words “network marketing”

Network – a group or system of interconnected people or things.

Marketing – the action or business of promoting and selling products or services

So…on a SHEER basic level. What, pray tell, is wrong with making a living with a network marketing business.

I’ve had several noses turned away from me (and people turn into blabbing robots of themselves) when I start to talk about what opportunity my business may provide them with & how it might just fit in their life.

But like, for why?

I kinda know why, because I used to be that judgey blabbing human.

The thing is, we THINK that it’s any different from a regular ‘ol job. Or a regular ‘ol business that someone starts up. Like a social media company, or a clothing boutique, or a coffee shop.

The thing it. It’s not different. It is the same.

One thing in particular is the same. YOU have a business. YOU have a product to sell. YOU must market said product.

Guess who you’re gonna tell first?


Your friends. Your family.

Shocking. Trust me, I know it.

If I may, another shocker. JUST because I say there might be an opportunity for you, doesn’t mean I’m looking to get rich off of you.

That’s realistically just not possible.

Hear me out.

If you were to go work for McDonald’s – do they get rich off of YOU? Or is it more like 1,000 YOU’s? PLUS 1,000 of YOU’s as customers.

You don’t need to answer. We all know it’s not just ONE of you.

And everytime a company hires you, you’re really not going to be their meal ticket & fast track to riches.

What I’m getting at is… this business is structured like an ‘ol school business.

The biggest difference? YOU are in charge.

Of your hours.

Of how you do it.

It’s your name. Your investment. Your chance to shine how you see fit for your life & everything that comes with that journey.

I went to school for Business Management.

Then, I went to grad school for my Masters in Business.

I even consulted for start-ups for awhile.

Then I realized something. Why not take all this good sense (and no, not all of it is attributed to what I learned in school… sorry!) and turn my life into a enjoyable money making machine.

With two businesses and products/industries I actually adore to boot.

Not only that. BUT with people who know (from ACTUAL a-to-z experience) how to succeed (it’s silly how much information is dumped on me that’s only aim is to get me as high as I want to go) and with companies who have vaults of resources and education at my disposal.

For… I mean, basically free. Free to use or not use. Marketing resources, infrastructure guidance, blah, blah, and on and on.

You’re right.

Network marketing is so blech.

For the birds.


Waste of time and money.

But ya know what?!

All the cubicles I’ve occupied look damn good in the dust they’re collecting in my absence.

And my office cooler is whatever room I make it – be it my living room for random mid-day yoga, my backyard in the sun, a coffee shop I’ve been waiting to try, or in the corner of my office I have set up as a meditation corner.

I’m cool.  

You stay there.I’ll stay here.

With network marketing.

And two (one & two) businesses I’m hella proud to call my own.

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