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What’s Wrong With Social Media & Selfies

I’ll admit I was in the camp of those who deleted Facebook completely back in 2012.

It was a combination of the election and where I was living that led me to my decision.

I felt like I was going to drown at a time when I didn’t even want to go swimming.

The onslaught of disappointment among people I had come to assume cared about me paired with my inability to control healthy boundaries, was simply too much for me at the time.

So I deleted it.

The space Facebook left brought me to a platform I had never seriously considered & the next year I found my home with Twitter.

I’ve said this before to those around me, but Twitter saved my life.


Twitter brought me community.

That community gave me the chance to explore what blackness is & in doing so, I found myself.

I also found the beauty in social media.

Social media brings us together.

It blurs the lines that geography creates.

There is community and real-life relationships with strangers, waiting to be introduced and formed across the country (or world really).

During a time when the world around me was falling apart & I was the only one screaming, I found life and support in these digital spaces.

The black community I had found & became a part of on Twitter taught me the power and rebellion in still finding a reason to smile despite what is going on around us.

I learned how not all of us can step forward all the time & I was exposed to the depths of compassion when telling a stranger to take care of themselves because the fight is long & they are too valuable to go out quickly.

It’s truly beautiful.

I’m wholeheartedly forever grateful.

Then came Instagram.

Instagram was an extension of this new found opportunity and life for me.

So. Humor me for a minute.

Let’s remove the need & desire for likes, shares, saves & just breakdown the good that social media has done.

I believe there is a bright side to what it’s done for self-confidence.

“Doin it for the gram” has us taking and posing for pictures in a way that was only afforded to models in the past.

What’s wrong with that type of self-confidence spreading to us “normal” folk out here?

I know this is a self-confidence thing because it’s something I am working through myself. I’m still much more comfortable with a tripod & self timer than I am with a human on the other end.

But I’ll get there.

I love the beauty & compassion that bleeds through in friends willing to take multiple pictures of each other to get THE shot.

I really do applaud the way we take pictures and show ourselves off.

So why the shade? Why does any of this have to be a dirty thing?

Honestly. I don’t understand why selfies, especially, are so often painted as a bad thing.

To love oneself as is, in a world that is constantly telling us how we don’t measure up is something I will always support.

Do y’all remember when those baseball announcers made fun of those girls for taking selfies during the game?

WHY do we do that?

I think selfies and individual’s posing are a healthy expression of who we are & where we are in the pockets of our life.

Social media is simply that.

An expression of who we are.

An expression of who we hope to be.

Manifest that shit.

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