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How to Pair Wine With Summer Heat

Summer is here and most of us around the country have been feeling her heat. 

Which means it’s a great time to talk about what wine we should all be sipping during this hot weather. 

Most people naturally default to white and pink wine in the summer, and while a lot of that logic does make sense, but I am also going to include some lighter style reds. 

When I say “lighter style”, I am referring to texture & not flavor. The assumed texture of red is heavy, and makes you want to curl up inside by a fire. But if you know what to look for, you don’t have to give up your red until the cooler months. 

Let’s get into the list! 


2016 Legend Vineyard Exclusive
Toasty and balanced, Its rich nose delivers aromas of Bosc pear, star jasmine and cardamom. Taste is full, rich and long on the palate, it’s reminiscent of caramelized butter and toasted almonds.

Pair with: Grilled salmon or buttered lobster

2014 Betsy Ross
The moment you sniff the enticing aromas you’ll be met with a mouth-watering blend of Chardonnay with a hint of  French Colombard. Flavors of tropical passion fruit, ripe apples and a touch of lemon zest mingle on the palate while the long, harmonious finish is sure to make you drool. 

Pairs with: Citrus & chicken wings

Sauvignon Blanc

Wattle Creek 2017 White
Aromatic notes of tropical fruit and fresh cut grass. This wine has a balanced acidity that makes it light & refreshing with flavors of passion fruit
and citrus zest.

Pair with: White fish or pasta & white sauce

2018 North Coast Sauvignon Blanc
This North Coast Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with bright citrus. It has a full & tangy mouthfeel that gives way to flavors of gooseberry, lime and fresh orange blossom. The bright acidity from this wine makes it thirst-quenching for those hot summer days. 

Pair with: Grilled chicken & shrimp or salad, tomato & cilantro


2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé
DeLoach’s 2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé of Pinot Noir is exploding with seductive aromas of strawberry and rose petal. This Rosé provides juicy flavors of cherries & raspberries, that finish with a note of ripe watermelon
and orange zest.

Pair with: Shrimp, crab, chicken or bbq pork ribs

JCB No. 69 Sparkling Rosé
Vibrant aromas of raspberry and red currant evolve into aromatic jammy notes. No 69 is a seductively light and refreshing rosé to provide you with a crisp mouthfeel while sitting by the pool.

Pair with: Grilled shrimp & salmon or chocolate brownies

Red Blends

2017 The Countess Red Blend
Dark fruit aromas of plum and blackberry jump from the glass. Fresh fruit aromas spread across the palate with notes of raspberry and dark chocolate with hints of black pepper. A smooth and well-structured wine, the 2017 The Countess offers a touch of brightness with a long, velvety finish.

Pair with: Grilled meats or teriyaki marinade 

2015 Sonoma County Red Blend
Robust with aromas of blackberries, and black cherries with subtle notes of succulent dark chocolate. The taste of this wine comes to you with opulent flavors of blackberry, black sherry & hints of dark chocolate.

Pair with: Grilled tuna or sausage pizza

**A note on red wine. It’s perfectly okay to chill your red wines when drinking them in the summer months. My ideal temperature for summer reds comes after I’ve chilled a bottle in the fridge for approximately an hour.

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