Life Lessons. Courtesy of the Alphabet.

With the start of a new school year creeping up on us, I figured I’d take it back to basics. 

Life lessons. Courtesy of the alphabet. 

Awkward. Awkward does not mean wrong. It’s often when I find myself in the pockets of awkward, that I see a chance for myself to take a deep breath and meet a new piece of myself. Feeling awkward is a time for me to push beyond my comfort circle to see what’s on the other side. To blast passed what I’m afraid of. 

Backups. Backup plans, backup friends, backup lovers, backup jobs, etc. Backups will only ever keep you from what you want. From what you deserve. From what will set you free. Don’t have them. They’re not as safe as they appear. On that note… Bapa. He’s right. His love was all I needed to find my worth. 

Complex. It’s the complex situations that you run across that are worth it. Timing is never going to be right. It’s not going to be perfect. It won’t be easy to decide what’s right or what’s best. It is never going to clear-cut. In my experience, when something is “right” for you and your life, it will require you to lose pieces of yourself and take giant risks in who you can be. It will always be complex. Growth will require it. You have to shed what no longer serves you. You have to show you’re ready.

Divorce. Divorce means I loved. It means I was loved. It means growth is possible through pain. It does not mean failure. It means I tried. It means I shared joy. It means I opened myself up to love. Don’t allow shame to ruin that.

Equity. Equality is only possible if equity is the priority. 

Fixable. I think everything is fixable. At least that’s what I’ve learned in the last 35 years. As long as you are willing to remove your ego and let go of what you “think” life is supposed to look like.

*Disclaimer this pertains to you & you only. You cannot “fix” other people.

Grammy. Stand up for other humans. You are not better than anyone. Let energy bars make you giddy. Surprise your family and run when you’re old. Dance. Sing. Laugh your ass off. Talk to everyone. If you want the chicken strips, eat the damn chicken strips. Love fiercely. In fact, love to pieces.

Hannah. She is me. I decide what that looks like. What that feels like. Happy is my responsibility. It is a priority every day. It doesn’t have to wait for x, y, and z. Be hungry enough to start over every day. Every hour. Just keep moving, striving, and thriving.

Isaiah. Life. Motivation. Everything. Love. There are no actual words. I was born because of you.

Jackknives. The ab exercise. They’re gold. Do them every day.

Kinky. Listen to me. Sex should be fun. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. And most certainly, do NOT be ashamed – to have it, to explore it, to experiment, to enjoy, to talk about it. Leave shame out of it all. 

Leave. When a situation no longer serves you, just leave it. Leave if your shoulders are back in confidence. Leave if your head is hung low in disappointment. Jobs. Friendships. Family dynamics. Marriages. Bars. Whatever it is. If it’s not for you. If you feel uncomfortable. If you’re not being appreciated. Leave. I promise there is more to life than suffering as a ‘sacrifice’. 

Money. Find a way to appreciate money. From the $5 that will be in your bank account to the $5,000. Treat money as if it’s your friend. Your close friend. Speak to it with respect. Appreciate it and show it gratitude. Money is energy. Remove the stigma that wanting it is inherently bad.

Nora. A younger sister was never something I wished for. Then. I got older. She got older. I realized life without a sister is no life at all. 

Ocean. The ocean (or any large or moving body of water) has power over the peace that sits in your soul. Utilize its power. If you are in turmoil, if your heart is broken, if you’re faced with a big decision to make – find a body of water and sit your ass down by it. Sit. Be. Let the peace wash over you. It’s in these moments that the answers always come.

Piano. If you have a talent, use it. Even if you have to start back at square one. Use it. Develop it. You’ve been given something special. 

Queen. Not shoes to fill, but shoes to be occupied. Queens come in all shapes and sizes. All walks of life. We all have crowns on top of our heads. Move forward with that in mind.

Risk. Learn the different types of risk. Sometimes safe means you’re settling. Selling yourself short. When it comes to career and business, take risks. When it comes to the life you see yourself living, take risks in pursuit of that. When it comes to relationships, step outside of what you think love should look like and take a risk on the one who treats you right. You have one shot at this life. Take the risks.

Solomon. He taught me what love is. He taught me how to see myself. He shared the deepest, most vulnerable parts of himself. And, he shared in making Isaiah. Solomon introduced me to myself.

Tarot Cards. If you believe in a higher power, hold your judgement about tarot cards. They do not discriminate against energy. The messages you may be looking for are in the cards. The message can come from the universe, God, Allah, etc. Tarot cards have yet to fail me. Open yourself up. 

Unicorns. Are everything. Buy one. Tattoo one. Be one.

Vulnerability. It’s the only way to get what you want from this life. From relationships. From a career. It’s the only ticket to happiness. To joy. To fulfillment. Take a deep breath. Step into your vulnerability. 

Wine. It’s more than a delicious drink. It’s history. It’s a story. It’s the land. It’s the weather. It’s the cosmos. Learn about it. 

X. As in it marks the spot. It could be bad like “don’t go here” OR could mean treasure. It’s all about perception. 

You. You are your own super power. Don’t lose yourself to the masses around you. Lean into the super power of growing and improving every day of your life.

Zoos. Education, entertainment or entrapment? I think we can do better. An American memo.

Tell me. What would you add? What life lessons have you learned?

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