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    Refuse to play small. Dare to dream big.

    So many of us have been raised to constantly assess risk, and run the other way at the smallest amount detected. We have been repeatedly warned about dreaming TOO big and warned against making decisions based solely on gut feelings. The safe and “responsible” way to live life is to finish school, get a job (don’t bother applying for those you are not fully qualified for, but take what is given to you and is with a stable company), buy a moderate house that needs work so you can build equity, don’t drown your children in gifts because that will teach them to be material in nature. Don’t overspend. Vacations…

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    Whites Only

      There is a lot of mental stress that comes from being biracial and growing up in a predominately white town; most of it was not something I was able to name or recognize until recently. There is so much unspoken, but thick, pressure to be respectable. To fit in a box and play a part. And it wasn’t just my town. The issue I am highlighting followed me to college and in my career. The main theme was predominantly white spaces. I think sometimes “we” think that if people are smiling and inviting us to social events, we are equal. We fall into the whole facade of “I don’t…

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    I’m Jumping…Leaping actually.

    In the back of my mind I have always contemplated the idea of starting a blog. In the beginning, two things held me back – fear and the belief that I had ‘too much’ to say. In my head, blogs were supposed to fit in neat little categories – lifestyle, fitness, holistic health, motherhood, politics, etc. I found myself stuck on the self-doubting believe that I had no business creating a blog that touched every topic imaginable. I’m not exactly an expert at anything. I’m just a lover of life. And I want to share life with those around me. Even the bad parts – just maybe not right in…

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