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    Why a car?!?

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard about how Elon Musk has sent a Tesla Roadster and a Starman into space. A car. And. Well. I have questions. I’ve read article after article trying to wrap my head around this whole event. Trying to figure out WHY. Why a car? Just why? I get it’s entertaining?! It’s never been done before?! It’s all in the name of science. Sure. It IS pretty significant. I can admit that and respect the sheer impressiveness of it all. Of seeing the Starman cruising through space in a convertible like any other great day for a drive with the top down. BUT. WHY. That car…

  • Who Am I

    Progress. Not perfection.

    The funny thing about depression is it shows its ugly head – wait. It’s not ugly, that isn’t fair. Let me start over… The funny thing about depression is that it shows up when you don’t see it coming and without needing a reason. And it’s usually the unexpected visits that rock you the hardest. I take pride in taking care of myself. Mainly because I know what’s on the other side. I list what I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed (ask anyone who hangs around me – if I’m out and about with friends at bedtime I alert them all my when my phone dings.…

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    Refuse to play small. Dare to dream big.

    So many of us have been raised to constantly assess risk, and run the other way at the smallest amount detected. We have been repeatedly warned about dreaming TOO big and warned against making decisions based solely on gut feelings. The safe and “responsible” way to live life is to finish school, get a job (don’t bother applying for those you are not fully qualified for, but take what is given to you and is with a stable company), buy a moderate house that needs work so you can build equity, don’t drown your children in gifts because that will teach them to be material in nature. Don’t overspend. Vacations…

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