• Who Am I

    Somewhere In Between.

    When I first started out, I didn’t think I could do it. Track. Grad school. Momming. Entrepreneurship. So it should come as no surprise, that I’m in yet another space of transition & my instinct is to fall in-line with that feeling of doubt. It’s oddly comfortable to allow the belief that I don’t know what I’m doing consume me. It’s familiar & I know that if I stay in that space there is only one outcome. To fail. There is no risk involved. I will do, say and be exactly what I thought. A failure. Except, the moment I do that. The moment I slide into the comfort of…

  • Who Am I

    Word Of The Year | My Word Is Build

    I was introduced to the concept of choosing a “word” for the new year, in place of the standard new year’s resolution. As someone who loves setting intentions, this idea really resonated with my soul.I flopped back and forth between a few words – truly trying to choose one. At least until my word found me.   Build. It came into my mind and basically waved ‘hello’, then sat back waiting patiently until I realized why it was there. Everything I was grappling with before, all fit into this simple word.   2018 was the year of planting seeds.2019 will be the year I build.   I will build….   …my…

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