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    My Top Beautycounter Makeup Picks

    Alright. So it’s no secret that I ride for Beautycounter. (or at least I hope it’s not a secret!) I don’t use all of their products and I also don’t exclusively use their products. BUT. Because of Beautycounter I now know better. I can make better and safer decisions for me and my family. And because of Beautycounter I have learned that high quality products are no joke AND worth the hype. If you know me, I rarely say anything is worth the hype! So real quick. Let me share the make-up products I literally use every time I put on makeup. Then I can touch on why this all…

  • Who Am I

    Somewhere In Between.

    When I first started out, I didn’t think I could do it. Track. Grad school. Momming. Entrepreneurship. So it should come as no surprise, that I’m in yet another space of transition & my instinct is to fall in-line with that feeling of doubt. It’s oddly comfortable to allow the belief that I don’t know what I’m doing consume me. It’s familiar & I know that if I stay in that space there is only one outcome. To fail. There is no risk involved. I will do, say and be exactly what I thought. A failure. Except, the moment I do that. The moment I slide into the comfort of…

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