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    My Top Beautycounter Makeup Picks

    Alright. So it’s no secret that I ride for Beautycounter. (or at least I hope it’s not a secret!) I don’t use all of their products and I also don’t exclusively use their products. BUT. Because of Beautycounter I now know better. I can make better and safer decisions for me and my family. And because of Beautycounter I have learned that high quality products are no joke AND worth the hype. If you know me, I rarely say anything is worth the hype! So real quick. Let me share the make-up products I literally use every time I put on makeup. Then I can touch on why this all…

  • Who Am I

    My Love Of Track. Andraya’s Right To Compete. And Dr Seuss.

    Growing up in a small town (essentially isolated) in the Midwest definitely came with a lot of life lessons. The biggest lesson I walked away with was KNOWING a person is a person. Period. If you know much about small towns in the Midwest you’ll probably not be surprised when I say that lesson was learned the hard way. That truth (a person being a person) and the strength to stand up for that no matter how shaky my voice is wasn’t exactly the way of life growing up. My stronghold on this truth didn’t develop because I learned by the example my community set. The truth in that lesson…

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