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    A Day With Anxiety

    I have been on edge lately. And I know that’s my anxiety talking. It feels like I can’t breath. And when I pay attention to the fact that I can’t breathe, then I get itchy. It feels like the million things I need to do are screaming at me. It feels like failure. Am I really failing at EVERYTHING? It feels like every additional noise (outside of my head) is just too damn much. Because what’s going on INSIDE my head is just fucking noisy. It feels like, I got one thing done & I managed to do it well. But… what about all this OTHER stuff? I have to…

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    Progress. Not perfection.

    The funny thing about depression is it shows its ugly head – wait. It’s not ugly, that isn’t fair. Let me start over… The funny thing about depression is that it shows up when you don’t see it coming and without needing a reason. And it’s usually the unexpected visits that rock you the hardest. I take pride in taking care of myself. Mainly because I know what’s on the other side. I list what I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed (ask anyone who hangs around me – if I’m out and about with friends at bedtime I alert them all my when my phone dings.…

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