• Relationships

    Why Did I Get Married Anyway?

    Did you know we fought our way through the honeymoon? Of course not. I’d become the master at hiding. The guru of fake smiles & affection.   Why did I get married again? *sigh* I’ve sat with that question so many times. In so many dark rooms, laying awake. On so many walks in the woods. During so many runs while gasping for air. The best times I’ve found to roll over this question is when the sun is on my face & the wind is rustling through the trees. It’s in moments like this that my soul is the most steady. I can hear her in those moments. I…

  • Who Am I

    Who Am I Even Talking To?

    The other day I spent some time writing down my goals and intentions for the month of September & one of my focuses was clarifying who I am talking to when I write these blogs, or post on social media. The you who is reading this right now – who are you? I will admittedly say, while I think anything and everything I share is certainly beneficial to someone who identifies as a man, my primary focus is going to be those of us who identify as a woman. That’s for a few reasons beyond the fact that is how I, myself, identify. It’s also because we are so often…

  • Relationships

    Date 3 months. Get married. Does that work?

    I saw a headline the other day that cited an actress married her boyfriend of three months. Without going into the details of their particular situation (because I really don’t know, nor exactly care to know), I did stop and think “What IS “long enough”? Can you know someone enough in three months time to know that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with them? (oooo. I just realized I want to unpack what THAT means, I digress) I think in three months you definitely have enough days to get to know someone’s family background, their journey to where they are now, what they hope for…

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