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    My Journey to Self Love & Acceptance Came With 20 Lbs

    Life. Depression. Anxiety. All of it contributes to my 20 lb weight gain. I have to be honest, I have (had?… probably have) no idea how to get rid of 20 lbs of excess weight. I was an athlete for the greater part of my life & with a naturally athletic build, staying fit – or at least looking the part – has never been hard for me. I’ve never had to “try”. So when I finally got two feet back on solid ground, I half expected the weight to just go away on its own. The depression was gone. I now understood myself better. But the habits of the…

  • Who Am I

    Progress. Not perfection.

    The funny thing about depression is it shows its ugly head – wait. It’s not ugly, that isn’t fair. Let me start over… The funny thing about depression is that it shows up when you don’t see it coming and without needing a reason. And it’s usually the unexpected visits that rock you the hardest. I take pride in taking care of myself. Mainly because I know what’s on the other side. I list what I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed (ask anyone who hangs around me – if I’m out and about with friends at bedtime I alert them all my when my phone dings.…

  • Earth

    We are all stardust. You & me.

    We’re all familiar with the quote about how we are all basically stardust, right? “Humans and their galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms” Just Look It’s always been something fun to talk about with friends over happy hour or while laying in bed with the little on a lazy weekend morning. But the other morning when I was standing out on my deck taking in the beauty that is my backyard, I became very aware of how true the above discovery really is. The next time you find yourself squinting as a result of the sun’s glorious power to shine, slow down. Revel in that…

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