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    A Day With Anxiety

    I have been on edge lately. And I know that’s my anxiety talking. It feels like I can’t breath. And when I pay attention to the fact that I can’t breathe, then I get itchy. It feels like the million things I need to do are screaming at me. It feels like failure. Am I really failing at EVERYTHING? It feels like every additional noise (outside of my head) is just too damn much. Because what’s going on INSIDE my head is just fucking noisy. It feels like, I got one thing done & I managed to do it well. But… what about all this OTHER stuff? I have to…

  • Lifestyle,  Who Am I

    Ups & Downs

    I’m going to go back to a moment I had meditating this morning. On my mind this morning were the ups and downs of life. We all experience them and know them well. They are truly inevitable. As I continued to pull myself back to my breath when my mind would wander I was able to see a strong parallel between my thoughts and what happens to my body as I focused on deep breathing. With each deep breath my chest would rise to nearly full capacity and then it would slowly deflate to empty. Up and down. The more I let my mind sit comfortably with my worlds meeting…

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