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    What’s Wrong With Social Media & Selfies

    I’ll admit I was in the camp of those who deleted Facebook completely back in 2012. It was a combination of the election and where I was living that led me to my decision. I felt like I was going to drown at a time when I didn’t even want to go swimming. The onslaught of disappointment among people I had come to assume cared about me paired with my inability to control healthy boundaries, was simply too much for me at the time. So I deleted it. The space Facebook left brought me to a platform I had never seriously considered & the next year I found my home…

  • Lifestyle,  Who Am I

    Ups & Downs

    I’m going to go back to a moment I had meditating this morning. On my mind this morning were the ups and downs of life. We all experience them and know them well. They are truly inevitable. As I continued to pull myself back to my breath when my mind would wander I was able to see a strong parallel between my thoughts and what happens to my body as I focused on deep breathing. With each deep breath my chest would rise to nearly full capacity and then it would slowly deflate to empty. Up and down. The more I let my mind sit comfortably with my worlds meeting…

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