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    Ups & Downs

    I’m going to go back to a moment I had meditating this morning. On my mind this morning were the ups and downs of life. We all experience them and know them well. They are truly inevitable. As I continued to pull myself back to my breath when my mind would wander I was able to see a strong parallel between my thoughts and what happens to my body as I focused on deep breathing. With each deep breath my chest would rise to nearly full capacity and then it would slowly deflate to empty. Up and down. The more I let my mind sit comfortably with my worlds meeting…

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    Progress. Not perfection.

    The funny thing about depression is it shows its ugly head – wait. It’s not ugly, that isn’t fair. Let me start over… The funny thing about depression is that it shows up when you don’t see it coming and without needing a reason. And it’s usually the unexpected visits that rock you the hardest. I take pride in taking care of myself. Mainly because I know what’s on the other side. I list what I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed (ask anyone who hangs around me – if I’m out and about with friends at bedtime I alert them all my when my phone dings.…

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    You are your breath

    You are not your thoughts. Detach from them. Let them be. Let them pass. You are, in fact, your breath. Be. Stay here. Flow in and out with yourself. With your breath. During my meditation this morning I was able to settle into a place where my thoughts were ships passing me by as I sat on dry land watching them float by. It was in this peaceful moment that I realized I am able to recognize each thought(ship) for exactly what it is. Just a thought. If I chose, I could watch my thought pass by without attaching any emotion to it. It didn’t have to suck me in.I…

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