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    Sometimes it’s what we DON’T see that holds us back.

    I spent close to 10 years in the tradition “corporate” work environment, before stepping out on my own and into the network marketing industry. In the midst of all this, especially during the last couple of years, I have done a lot of self-reflection and digging into my power. One thing I learned has shaped me the most. Or shaped my outlook anyway. Success. In both spaces. Does not look like me. Especially in the spaces that made up my corporate environment. I was always one of maybe two or three – if I was lucky. And in the networking world, I started to pay attention to who is writing…

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    Representation Matters So Damn Much

    Since becoming a mother myself, my eyes were immediately opened to the importance of representation. I can’t say why it was such a strong realization, it might partly be because it is something I realized I lacked growing up. Or it was just something that rushed into my life along with all the love and emotions that come when you meet a piece of your own heart. I’ve always been inspired by my son and his ability to be SO comfortable in his skin. He has pushed me to put away the straightener and embrace the hairs on my head. He prepared me for a move I made largely for…

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    Whites Only

      There is a lot of mental stress that comes from being biracial and growing up in a predominately white town; most of it was not something I was able to name or recognize until recently. There is so much unspoken, but thick, pressure to be respectable. To fit in a box and play a part. And it wasn’t just my town. The issue I am highlighting followed me to college and in my career. The main theme was predominantly white spaces. I think sometimes “we” think that if people are smiling and inviting us to social events, we are equal. We fall into the whole facade of “I don’t…

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