You are your breath

You are not your thoughts. Detach from them. Let them be. Let them pass.

You are, in fact, your breath. Be. Stay here. Flow in and out with yourself. With your breath.

During my meditation this morning I was able to settle into a place where my thoughts were ships passing me by as I sat on dry land watching them float by. It was in this peaceful moment that I realized I am able to recognize each thought(ship) for exactly what it is.

Just a thought.

If I chose, I could watch my thought pass by without attaching any emotion to it. It didn’t have to suck me in.I saw clearly how the current of continuous thought would only keep going. If I choose to attach myself to any thought, I risk be wrapped up and floating along with it, more than likely missing more ships that pass by or missing a beautiful sneak peek of the other shoreline in the break of the ships. Who knows what exactly I was at risk of missing by carrying on down obsessing with one ship.

So I went deeper. If I am not these thoughts, and if I stay here in one place on dry land, then I can choose to just see them for exactly what they are. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simply passing thoughts. If one seems scary or warns to draw me in, I can focus on what I am. What I am physically attached to. That’s my breath. This body in which my breath flows through.

So, I chose to stay in place. Spectating.

There I was. I had uncovered the secret so many have been trying to teach me all along. Allow your thoughts to flow, but know you can find security and stillness  in the ability to come back to your breath. It’s your core. That’s your anchor.

So detach from your thoughts.

Allow yourself to take an outsider view to the how and why of the feelings of doubt that rise and fall. With the ability to hide unseen while in plain sight on that dry land, we are left with the opportunity to truly critique the things we say to ourselves. For me, this was an eye opener and powerful. I often found myself appalled I would “let” me talk to myself in such judgmental and harsh tones. Something that’s hard to notice if you’re choosing to move along with the ships, instead of being still.

So let those thoughts pass. Detach from them. Let them be. They are not you. You are not them.

Leave room for being. Just being.



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