How’s your will power?

If it’s anything like mine – it’s trash. It’s a travesty when it comes to watching what I eat. Snacking in particular. Especially because I work from home.

This all brings me to now and the discovery I just made. Walk with me.

So. I put a chocolate bar in my pocket for an after lunch snack. A reward, if you will, for eating a healthy lunch of veggies & salad (and ranch dressing, I mean I’m NOT a rabbit).

On my way back to my office – down the long hallway of my house, lol – I walked past the closet where I keep my nail polish. WHICH reminded me my nails look like trash & since I am attending trivia at a local winery this evening, I should probably make them not look like trash.

Finally – distractions, right?! – I get back to my desk. Perfect, I’ll paint on a coat, do some research, and put on another one before typing up a report.

Nails painted. Workflow engaged. You know what I need now? Chocolate.


It’s in my pocket.

I can’t get to it.


And I did a super good job this time – literally not worth the risk of messing them up.

So here I sit. Waiting for them to dry & you know what happened?


Me: I will just wait. It’s no big deal.

Will Power: Or you could just take this as an intervention and not eat it.

Me: But I like really want it.

Willpower: You sure about that? What would you be willing to do?

Me: Um…

Willpower: Mess up your nails?

Me: No. Definitely no. Look at them – so smooth and shiny. *happy sigh*

Willpower: Well you could….

Me: Ask my husband to take it out of my pocket for me?! I COULD… but wait, that’s a bit too beyond demoralizing. Even for me.

Willpower: So…moral of the story?

Me: I really don’t want that chocolate bar.


People. I met my willpower. On accident. But still.

Healthy decision made? CHECK.

NOW I can reward myself with extra wine and cheese tonight!!


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