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Ideal Life – Buzzfeed Quiz

This is a fun quiz. Because it’s warm out. The sun is peeking through the cloud cover. It’s Wednesday. AND it’s the day of x’s and o’s.

So I took a BuzzFeed Quiz. You can be honest, I’m really not alone in my playful addiction to these.

At any rate – this one was “Build Your Ideal Life And We’ll Give You a Much Needed Compliment”.  Go here

Every time I take these I am always toying with the back-and-forth doubt of “Am I being honest?” “Is that really the answer I want?” “Well. I mean none, but this is the best or closest.”

In this case, most questions were answerable for me. And my compliment was SO SPOT ON.

Let me walk you through a couple of my answers.

I chose my house to look like this because I love me a good front porch. Plus, how cozy and charming does this street look?!

I picked NYC to live in because it was a) the closest one to DC and b) the only other US city and c) I do adore that city.

When asked what kind of food I wish I was eating right now I said  because see above – nice out, sunshine, etc. If that’s not sushi eating weather then I don’t know WHAT is.

Without giving away my resulting compliment (in the event it’s rigged and we ALL get the same regardless of different answers), do you think there is any basis of truth in a few simple questions that include what your home looks like, where it is, and what you want to eat indicating (in some way) personal attributes of who you are and how others might see you?

What if we had to change the answers to what our life DOES look like? How would the end result be affected?

Finally, why does your “ideal life” look different from your “actual life”? And what are you doing to change that?

All you have is right now.

Live ideally.

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