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Wine & My Story

Every bottle of wine has its own story. It starts with what grape is chosen and where that vine is planted.

After that it’s the soil composition, how that came to be, and how it affects the vine and grapes themselves.

Another large piece of the story is the climate from season to season and year to year.

The vines have to adapt and do their best. That may mean they flourish some seasons and perish in others.

The next piece of the story is crafted by the winemaker. When they choose to harvest. How they chose to harvest. The decisions they make about the fermentation and aging processes.

Part of their story also includes their ‘why’. Were they born into wine making? Did they start on their own from scratch? What keeps them going? Why do they choose to make wine the way they do? What are their dreams?

The whole process of vines producing grapes and showing up on your table in a wine bottle is a journey of progression. The story is with the winemaker, the dreamer.

That journey is not reliant on your opinion of the liquid you decide to consume.

The concept of “good” and “bad” simply doesn’t exist. The wine just is.

Do you notice any parallels? To your life maybe?

As I was reading my Wine Bible (yes, really. It’s amazing. Go here) I was hit with a wave of thoughts that revolved around this very concept.

Wine is a part of my story. Wine IS my story.

Planned or not my mama CHOSE me. She made a decision where to plant me. The soil I grew in was the family she put around me to influence me, help me spot weeds, and give me space to grow.

The climate? That’s everyone outside of our family. The ones who influenced me without anyone’s choice. They just happened. They came and went. Experiences. Conversations. The eb and flow of relationships in my life.

The winemaker is me. When I began to grow in maturity, when I realized the control I had over my life. How I chose to harvest my emotions. How long I decided to stick with someone I love. How growing older affected the way I decided to harvest who I am. Constantly relearning how to do and be the best version of myself.

When I meet someone new am I really much different than a wine bottle? They may choose to explore a friendship with me because of my label, the shape of my bottle, or my general aura & the curiosity that spikes from that.

The process I’ve gone through to be that new bottle of wine on your table is not reliant on your opinion of me once you dig deeper and understand me more.

And just because some may love the contents of myself and some may really not care for it, that doesn’t make me any less of a story. Any less of my journey.

I just am.

Just like wine.

Find your story.

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