Go Where Your Fear Tells You Not To Go

What terrifies you the most?

Do that.

What actually even IS fear? Why does it exist?

(I’m not talking about the fear associated with your physical safety -that fear IS actually important to listen to)

No. I’m talking about the fear that sits right there on your chest when your heart starts beating in a different rhythm. When your thoughts start to form “what if” questions. When life was all planned out and something comes along that says “Ha, are you sure?!”

Fear is there as a placeholder. It wants your life to be as is.

Not too big. Not too ambitious. Not too hopeful.

Fear doesn’t want you do be great. It is a giant heavy anxiety blanket that keeps you thinking you’re safe and warm. It keeps you thinking and believing that you are doing what’s right for you.

I call bullshit.

The more I experience and the more I chase after in life, the more I realize fear is two things.

One – a big fat liar. It’s never as bad as you think.

Two – a roadmap. Anything that terrifies you should be explored. Wherever that fear is pointing, take that path.

So often we run around in life asking for a sign, and the whole time it’s been right in front of us. Disguised.

Disguised as fear.

Personally? I think that’s to see how bad we actually want what we asked for. It’s to see if we are even READY for what we’ve asked for in our life.

You have to prove you want it bad enough to walk right past fear and say “alright, I see you. I’m just gonna check what’s on the other side of you anyways”

Try it and let me know.

Go where your fear is telling you NOT to go.

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