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What Goes With A Good Glass Of Red Wine?

What a great week for my fellow red wine lovers? Tuesday we had National Red Wine Day, today is my favorite day – Wine Wednesday – and Thursday is National Cabernet Day.

Literally the perfect week. So in addition to having an excuse to stock up on some delicious French wine (because I’ve had some amazing Cabernets made with the French technique in mind), I thought we could also make a list of what items make for a good night in with a glass of red.

Because let’s be honest. I’m an avid red wine drinker.

Red wine is a wrap-up a long day wine.

A one more, or one last, hour of ultra productive writing wine.

A sit down and online shop wine.

A curl-up and binge watch as show you’ve been neglecting wine.

I mean. It’s better for you – at least some health experts seem to think so.

It can be virtually be drank anywhere.

That first sip is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans or the comfiest sweatshirt you own.

And. AND. I mean, drink it the right way and you can have a free lip-stain to rock?

Hello to some lip color and rosy cheeks, right?!?!

It just gives (me) something that white wine could never.

So. Stock up on your reds & some other fun things to compliment whatever self-care box red wine checks for you.


  • A decanter. Not because I necessarily believe they do much (outside of maybe rid your chance of getting sediment in your glass), but because they just feel fancy. And to me fancy is fun. Especially if paired with some comfy lounge clothes. Balance, remember??


  • A glass that won’t break when you get up for more snacks or jump or yell (depending on what you’re watching!)

  • A wine glass rack for your fancier glasses to be on display (oh…so then fancy glasses)


  • Socks – Duh.


  • This book is honestly the cutest & I learn something every single time I grab it.


  • How adorable is this necklace? Show your wine love with pride!


  • Speaking of comfy sweatshirts.


  • And… in case you’re taking this binge watching show on the road, you’re going to need a wine clutch.


Happy Red Wine Drinking, my Loves.



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