Morning Rituals. That’s your key.

I’ve recently become (especially) obsessed with my intentions day in & day out. I’m determined to build on whatever victories and obstacles I’ve conquered the day before.

That all starts with my morning ritual.

I don’t want to live the same day over and over and over.

That’s not a life I am particularly attached to.

In fact, it feels like a slow death.

A waste of a life.

I’m sure that’s not what I’m here for.

What I’m intended to do while I’m here.

So I’ve become obsessed.

*Full disclosure here, mornings were never my thing. Once I’m up, I’m definitely a morning person. But if there is nothing on the other end of my feet hitting the ground (like a previously made plan, etc.) the actual act of GETTING out of bed is a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E. Especially during the times when my anxiety is particularly high and particularly friendly to depression.

So. Knowing that, I’ve always told (read: convinced) myself that mornings were a bunch of hogwash and not specifically the key to anything.

Welp. Lies.

Everything about your day, starts right away in the morning.

Your eyes pop open and in a split second, that you’ve already missed (because it was so fast) you’re in full control of what your day is going to be like.

WHO you’re going to be.

WHAT you’re going to do.

And the attitude that will accompany it all.

That seems daunting to wake up to. But it’s not.

We, seemingly, have been controlling this (and therefore our days) absent mindly for our entire lives.

Think about that. What is your normal morning like? What have you made normal?

Now what does that normal produce for you? What does your life look like?

We are powerful as hell.

Whether we run from that truth or not. It doesn’t matter.

It’s going to remain right where it is, in all it’s truthfulness light.

My own personal coming to terms with all this had me taking a serious revisit to this whole idea about morning rituals.

The where.

The how long.

The what.

You know what’s beautiful?

There are NO rules.

There can’t be because it’s quite literally about you.

Your soul. Your heart. Your emotions.

The trick, however, is to be so painstakingly honest and authentic with yourself that the ritual you create – for right when your eyes pop open  – ACTUALLY reaches your soul and heart.

You have to fill up yourself before your day starts.

You’ve heard of filling your bucket before you fill another’s, right?

Fill your bucket.

With a morning ritual catered to your beautiful, unicorn self.

Do you want to start with 5 minutes? Great.

Are you gonna sit at the end of your bed? Convenient, great.

Do you need a candle with a specific scent? Great.

Yoga pose? Great.

Controlled breathing? Great.

Play an instrument? Great.

Exercise? Great.

Imagine you’re by a body of water? Great.

Journal your thoughts and gratitude? Great.

Call your best human? Great.

Literally anything that fills you up.

Start your day with that.

And then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Or don’t.

I mean your life is yours.

It’s yours to choose what to do with.

I’m going to be over here morning ritual-ling the hell outta my day.

Because you’re not gonna catch me in any more time & life sucking patterns.

I’m breaking free.

I’m going to live for a living.

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