Why I Think I’m Ready For A Uniform

I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and she mentioned she wanted to cater her closet to have a uniform for work. Like something simple, a button-down, cardigan and pants. It can alter color, whatever but just a simple go-to style. I liked the idea immediately, but what I didn’t anticipate was how this would actually stick with me going forward.

I literally have been rolling this idea around in my head for 4 days (as I write this) and I’m obsessed. I want to purge my closet & only keep a few things.

And then start over.

But. With a basic uniform in mind.   

Basic go-tos on what I wear while working from my home office.

Basic go-tos while I’m out walking dogs & exercising.

Basic go-tos while I’m working from coffee shops & doing drop offs.

Bacis go-tos when I’m going to client meetings.

Actually, I want the basics for working from my home office, working from coffee shops, doing drop offs, and going to client meetings to be the same.

Even simpler.

Guess work out – What I love (and makes me feel good) –  in.

Because if you find something that looks good AND works. Why wouldn’t you repeat it.

Plus I think it rings in some of what all the buzz is surrounding minimalism.

Let’s consider what we would be giving up, besides the obvious – a closet full of various styles shirts, pants, etc.

  • Stress. I’m sure the degree of stress here does vary from person-to-person, but there is a certain level of stress in all of us that swells up when we flip through the (way too) numerous hangers full of clothes trying to decide what to wear. And even when we find one piece, then… depending on what you’re going for, there may be 3 pairing pieces to find!
  • Time. Time saved, that is. You grab and go.
  • Mental space. When you get dressed you go can through a to-do list in your head or give yourself a pep talk. Think about it. There is literally nothing you need to spend mental energy on when you already know exactly what you’re going to wear.

Are there other perceived benefits? Of course:

  • You can easily fit this type of wardrobe into any budget.
  • Find what works for you & looks good on you and bam. Always look good and feel good.
  • If you’re any type of entrepreneur, you can easily (visually) enhance your brand.
  • So, so many icons and successful people have already adopted this mindset.
  • F*ck societal and peer pressures. Once you break free, I bet you won’t miss it/them.

I mean, obviously, I’m going to keep a few fun pieces… because, duh. Sometimes a person has to just throw caution to the wind.

But. I think I’m seriously going to go for this.

It’s terrifying, but I think the only way to start AND commit is to purge the closet. Donate the clothes.

Then. Build.

Eeek! I’m excited and scared.

Here we go!

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