Mega Millions. Indeed.

One person is the Mega Millions lottery winner.

One ticket.

$1.9 billion dollars.

Can you even imagine?

Silly question. Of course you can.

If you bought a ticket, that’s exactly what we’ve all been doing for the last few days.

I, personally, find so much joy in playing the lottery.

(Especially one called Mega Millions!)

Maybe that is partially due to my only engaging in the activity when it’s HUGE.

So It’s not like I invest much time or money in the whole shebang.

But, like right now, when I do, it’s So much fun imagining what it would be like to have your heart drop to your stomach when you read off the numbers on your little flimsy piece of paper and realize they match the ones on your screen.

A tiny, receipt of a piece of ‘trash’ essentially hold THE ticket to change your whole ass entire life.

Can you even imagine?!

What’s the first thing you would do?

Me? Personally. I’d send a mass text to anyone I talk to on a regular basis.

Scratch that. To my mom, aunt, sis and a few choice friends.

I’d be all “hey, I am now the owner of mega millions”

Then. I’d call and pay off my student loans (oh man, the relief that would bring me)

Anybody that EVER gave me money out of the kindness of their hearts when I was down – consider yourself a recipient of some cash.

Zae. We’re going to Paris so check your calendar to find out when the next school break is. Those cooking classes you’ve been asking for, they’re happening.

Then. I’d buy a house. In cash. CAN YOU IMAGINE NO HOUSE PAYMENT?!?

And you know this is coming. I’d invest in a state of the art wine cellar structure/set up. Because duh.

After that, I honestly see the only real “life change” is the LACK of stress that naturally attaches to everything in our worlds of adulting requiring funds. I’d spend with less anxiety and I’d be freer to invest, donate, and save.

I wouldn’t stop working.

I love what I do for Career Success.

I love being a wine ambassador.

And Beautycounter IS my jam.

Life would just be even lighter.

And that, that’s enough to get me to the gas station whenever the pot gets big.

It’s perfectly healthy to dream and imagine.

You know how I feel about manifesting the life you want to live.


Did you buy a Mega Millions ticket?

What did you imagine you’d do if those numbers hit?

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