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It’s International Merlot Day

It’s International Merlot Day.

So, cheers to that!

Here’s what I’ve learned about Merlot so far:


I just realized something.
I actually had Merlot today. At at a lunch meeting.

It was delicious.

But I didn’t even cheers to it’s international day!


Anyways. Facts:

  • It used to be nicknamed “little (or young) blackbird”
  • Its origin is Bordeaux France
  • It’s the second most planted grape in the world
    • And the 3rd most prominently produced
    • And one of the most popular wines
  • Vintages prior to 1960 are scarce due to frost and rot that ruined vines
    • This also caused the French government to ban planting of Merlot grapes from approx 1970 to 1975
  • It has sibling grapes – Carmenere & Malbec

I love a South American Carmenere.

  • Synonyms for Merlot include semillon rouge – plant medoc – alicante – merle petite
  • It is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
  • It ages quite gracefully
  • It is the most planted grape in France

Fun Fact → One of the most coveted wines in the world is comprised of mostly merlot. It’s called Petrus. Check out these prices! I mean $21,000?!?

Merlot Taste

Blackberry – Plum – Chocolate – Cedar


In tannin – In alcohol – In acidity


Pork – Turkey – Root veggies – Stew

This is a great wine for thanksgiving.


More importantly, wine pairs great with pizza!

Nom, nom

Are you a Merlot drinker?

If so check out this & this & this.


Cheers to International Merlot Day!


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