Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Honestly, I have most of my holiday shopping done. I blame it mostly on too much wine & too many sales this past weekend.


That doesn’t mean I’m the norm, however. So I thought I’d spend some time reflecting on what I’ve loved having this past year.


What’s better than a personal recommendation, right?


If you have a lady in your life that you’re shopping for ideas for, then I’m here to help.  I’ve put together a Holiday Gift Guide for Her for all your Christmas gift ideas.


Paperwhite Kindle

Don’t get me wrong, I love the beauty of a ‘real’ book in my hands. BUT if I’m being honest, there are just too many books I want to read (increasingly so with the addition of belonging to a book club) and it’s just not feasible to purchase a hard copy all the time. Specifically because shelfspace is sacred.


Faux Sheepskin Rug

For the office or bedroom, this rug is a tiny piece of heaven. It looks and feels luxurious, but without the sticker price. I have the grey in my office and it’s gorgeous. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might need to add another one for my bedroom!


Tom’s Bootie

This bootie changed the way I feel about booties. I always loved the idea of them and found them adorable on others (looking at you, baby sis!), but couldn’t quite find the style I wanted or that looked how I imagined. Enter: these bad babies. They are gorgeous, comfortable and go great with leggings and jeans. Wintertime = made!


Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is called “iconic”. Fitting, right? You have all your staple colors included, plus a couple that add a little flair! It’s great for holiday parties – like, that sequin color screams NYE. Bonus?! The mirror inside the palette is removable. Score!


Heating Pad

I don’t know about you, but the heating pads I have pale in comparison to this love of my life right here. I no longer have to contort my heating pad or my body for this to hit all the right places of my sore neck and shoulders. Trust me, your body will say thank you.


Stash App

I’ve been wanting to get into investing, but the whole idea terrifies me. Don’t tell any of my professors from grad school, please & thanks. This handy app – which I originally downloaded for my kiddo to get into – makes it fun and I’m learning so much (again don’t tell my grad colleagues). You can invest in increments, get involved in the community, go after mutual funds, etc. Check it out & get into these baby steps.


John Legend Gift Pack

Wait. Do I actually need to say anything about why this is a good gift idea?! No… right?!


Drink Purse

Even though we’re a bit out of festival & picnic season, this is still a solid item to have around. I promise you. If you’re lady drinks wine, cocktails, beer, you name it – then you need one of these gorgeous lil creations. They make transporting (3L) of alcohol a breeze AND easy sharing with the lil spout-thingy.


Instant Pot

I didn’t know. Now I know. And you should too. #KitchenDream


Charcoal Mask

This beauty is luxury on my face. I can see what it pulls from my pores. It doesn’t rip my skin off. I can use it as a spot treatment. It smells amazing. And it’s actually working to change my skin for the better. Bonus?! No harmful ingredients. Love AND safety. Boom.


Wellness Book

This book changed the relationship I had with myself. I’ve re-read it twice & I bought it in May.


Happy shopping!!



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