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Why The Grief Over A Cute Little Elf?

We all hear the grumbles that grow in volume in the days after Thanksgiving.

“It’s creepy”

“It’s lazy parenting”

“It’s so stupid”

The Elf on the Shelf has a pretty bad reputation – especially among the houses without an elf on the shelf.

If I’m being honest? I really don’t understand why.

Our elf. Adam. Is the sweetest.

When Isaiah was little that elf would do THE funniest little things.

It seemed as if his goal was to bring more childhood laughter into our house. And who can complain about that??

As Isaiah has gotten older he does a little less, and sticks more to hiding in places that are hard to find or that make him seem more human than he is.

Our Adam has never been around to “watch” Isaiah.

Our Adam is just an extension of Christmas spirit. He comes into our lives to give us just a tiny bit more joy.

And the house always seems a little less full when he leaves every year on Christmas Eve.

Not a whole lot different then the feeling of quick sadness as you put away your treasured Christmas tree ornaments.

I know my journey of officially being Santa is nearing the end.

11 years is SUCH a blessing, honestly. Nearly everyone I talk to can hardly believe I’ve kept the childhood magic of Christmas alive this long.

So I’m a bit sentimental about Adam this year.

I’ve always loved every single thing that has allowed me to bring more spirit into our house during the holidays.

I was 100% that mom that went over the top in creating things that sneaky little elf would do.

He would make messes and create elaborate scenes.

One year, upon his departure, he even made an interactive map of the North Pole. With a an igloo and candy cane lane!

I was also that mom who would forget sometimes and race to create something in the final 5 minutes before Isaiah would wake up.

Nobody’s perfect!

Through it all though, I learned to plan better, I pushed and utilized my ability to be crafty and creative, and I brought so many smiles, giggles and wonder to the life of my child.

I certainly see no harm in that.


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