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Word Of The Year | My Word Is Build

I was introduced to the concept of choosing a “word” for the new year, in place of the standard new year’s resolution.
As someone who loves setting intentions, this idea really resonated with my soul.
I flopped back and forth between a few words – truly trying to choose one. 
At least until my word found me.

It came into my mind and basically waved ‘hello’, then sat back waiting patiently until I realized why it was there.
Everything I was grappling with before, all fit into this simple word.
2018 was the year of planting seeds.
2019 will be the year I build.
I will build….
…my relationship with my inner circle of girlfriends.
…my relationship with family members.
…muscle mass.
…the number of fruits and vegetables I have tried.
…the number of places I explore solo.
…the number of small businesses I help with marketing.
…my wine knowledge.
…my client base for both businesses.
…the number of people I introduce to safer personal care products.

…the number of job seekers we help with Career Success by Jennifer Tardy.
…my piano skills.
…a deeper bond with my pre-teen.
…my blogging community.
…my affiliate contracts.
…my instagram audience.
…confidence in myself being able to do this thing called life on my own.
…my ability to fluently speak Spanish.
…my running endurance.
…on my desire to take a dance class.
…my life. On my terms.
I get excited and empowered just thinking about all the ways my word fits into the vision I have for this New Year.
Here are a few things I suggest you do to keep this word front & center throughout the year.
Set goals based on your word.
What this looks like for me is a goal that is broken down into weekly tasks. Then monthly tasks. Then 3 month. And finally 6 month. The basis will be to build on each completed goal. Not only does it follow the theme of build, but it also creates a steady show of progress to keep me motivated.
Write your word on several sticky notes.
Then place those sticky notes in areas of your home & life where you get stuck often. I have one in the workout corner of our basement, on the fridge, on the cupboard, on my bedroom mirror, above my night stand, on my bathroom mirror, above my computer, and on the window over my piano.
Journal every day.
Use each journal entry as a time to reflect on how you utilized the word for that day, how it felt to you, where you fell short, and how you can improve going forward.
Share your word with your friends, family, or community.
Accountability is so very powerful, I’m learning. So share your word and ask others to share theirs.
Read books that fit your word.
Decide what category of your life your word is pulling from the strongest. Now go find books that fit how and where you want to grow in that area. Self-development is required if you are looking to expand and improve yourself and your situation.
How do you approach a new year of opportunity? Do you use an intention? A word? Or do you stick with the traditional resolution?
If you want help choosing a word, you can email me or check out this or this.
Or you can email me & I can help guide you!
I’d love to hear from you. And please share your tips for staying motivated on tasks! I think learning from each other is so great!






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