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Feminism Includes Twerking And Cardi B

I’m not here to claim expertise in feminism. But one thing I’ve always known to be true is that it’s inclusive.


That means if you identify as a woman the fight for equality includes YOUR right to be treated as equal.


“The most significant problem with essential feminism is how it doesn’t allow for the complexities of human experience or individuality. ” – Bad Feminist 


I feel drawn to this topic in particular right now because of the comments that went back and forth between Cardi B & good ‘ol Ms South Dakota. And whoever the next lady was.


This tale is old (and overly repeated). And it’s still just as dangerous.

When white women attack a non-white woman who is speaking up, about any topic really, as if she is stupid simply because she has refused to conform and morph into someone who speaks “correctly” and dresses “respectfully”, she is completely perpetuating a stereotype.

When we do this to each other we are saying in our criticism that unless you assimilate yourself to whiteness then your opinion and view are not credible and worthy of respect.

This is a layered issue, but it is rooted in both racism and patriarchy.


My first issue (Ms. SD aside) is that people are surprised that Cardi is capable of an opinion that makes sense.

Like, I’m sorry. But do any of us actually know that girl? On what basis are we surprised she can have an intelligent thought? That surprise is garbage.

I personally stand for her simply because she shows up as herself. There’s a lot to be said for that. The dog-walk comment had me rolling for that very reason.


My next issue is with this idea that her latest music video is against feminism. How? Why? Where?

If you have an issue with twerking, or if you have an issue with watching women dance however they damn well please, then I suggest you watch Jeopardy over music videos. The beautiful thing is you have a choice over what you put in front of your face.

It’s in this discussion that Cardi brings to light an argument that shouldn’t need to be had (but that won’t go away), in that how you dress, act, or dance is NOT an invitation for men to do as they please.


It’s just simply not how it works. This is not complicated.


Here’s what I know to be true:

  • Women are intellectual
  • There is no room for objectification in feminism
  • Sluts are not real
  • Equal rights and equal opportunity shouldn’t have to be asked for (or applauded)
  • Gender bias & genders roles are garbage
  • Sex work IS work
  • White feminism is NOT feminism (see Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B Anthony)


If there’s something I’ve said here, that made you cringe or bark. I want you to sit with those initial thoughts. Then really dig into “why”. Unsurface the ugly, introduce yourself, understand it, and then part ways with it.

We can all be better.


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