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    National Guacamole Day

    I haven’t always been a fan of avocados, but one day I was & it was all because of guacamole.  And honestly I’ve never turned back. How could I? They are creamy, gorgeous green goodness. And. They are the sole reason for guacamole. Well, avocados and those smart Aztecs who first made it. Side note – the avocado was seens as a symbol of love by the Aztecs & I am all for that. Did you know that? Guacamole dates back to the 1500s when the Aztecs made it with avocados, tomato, and salt. Honestly? I don’t really understand why we need it to be made any other way. BUT.…

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    It’s International Merlot Day

    It’s International Merlot Day. So, cheers to that! Here’s what I’ve learned about Merlot so far: WAIT. I just realized something. I actually had Merlot today. At at a lunch meeting. It was delicious. But I didn’t even cheers to it’s international day! #Fail Anyways. Facts: It used to be nicknamed “little (or young) blackbird” Its origin is Bordeaux France It’s the second most planted grape in the world And the 3rd most prominently produced And one of the most popular wines Vintages prior to 1960 are scarce due to frost and rot that ruined vines This also caused the French government to ban planting of Merlot grapes from approx…

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    What Goes With A Good Glass Of Red Wine?

    What a great week for my fellow red wine lovers? Tuesday we had National Red Wine Day, today is my favorite day – Wine Wednesday – and Thursday is National Cabernet Day. Literally the perfect week. So in addition to having an excuse to stock up on some delicious French wine (because I’ve had some amazing Cabernets made with the French technique in mind), I thought we could also make a list of what items make for a good night in with a glass of red. Because let’s be honest. I’m an avid red wine drinker. Red wine is a wrap-up a long day wine. A one more, or one…

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    What Is The Difference Between Old World Wine and New World Wine

    Maybe you have heard certain wine being referred to as new world wine and old world wine. Maybe you’ve heard that old world wine is better. Maybe you’ve heard that new world wine is cheaper. Maybe you haven’t! Either way, let’s do a quick rundown of what it means if a wine is old world or new world.  Old World Wine Where vitis vinifera (common grape vine) originated Countries included: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Germany & often Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova are included There are rules and regulations that strictly dictate the winemaking experiences and processes The winemaking techniques are part of tradition – often passed…

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    Expensive Wine vs. Cheap Wine

    Despite the fact that my job is wine & I spend nearly my entire day immersed in it (one way or another) – I still find myself a complete (or nearly) novice. It’s honestly one of the things I love most about the wine industry. There is always something more to learn. That aside, I’m willing to bet we all feel this way from time to time. Wearing a novice hat that is. So I started thinking about what were my most pressing questions when I first became interested in furthering my knowledge of wine. One that always seemed to poke at me would be when I was walking through…

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