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    Life Lessons. Courtesy of the Alphabet.

    With the start of a new school year creeping up on us, I figured I’d take it back to basics.  Life lessons. Courtesy of the alphabet.  Awkward. Awkward does not mean wrong. It’s often when I find myself in the pockets of awkward, that I see a chance for myself to take a deep breath and meet a new piece of myself. Feeling awkward is a time for me to push beyond my comfort circle to see what’s on the other side. To blast passed what I’m afraid of.  Backups. Backup plans, backup friends, backup lovers, backup jobs, etc. Backups will only ever keep you from what you want. From…

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    My Journey to Self Love & Acceptance Came With 20 Lbs

    Life. Depression. Anxiety. All of it contributes to my 20 lb weight gain. I have to be honest, I have (had?… probably have) no idea how to get rid of 20 lbs of excess weight. I was an athlete for the greater part of my life & with a naturally athletic build, staying fit – or at least looking the part – has never been hard for me. I’ve never had to “try”. So when I finally got two feet back on solid ground, I half expected the weight to just go away on its own. The depression was gone. I now understood myself better. But the habits of the…

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