• Lifestyle

    Did I just find a new home…. in a dive bar?

    In Silver Spring there is an infamous bar called the Quarry House. I have heard stories about it since I moved here. The gist was that it was a highly beloved basement dive bar that fell prey to an upstairs restaurant fire (and a restaurant nobody believed still deserved to be open at that). They took over space where a Pirate Bar once was for a bit, until they disappeared completely for, what seemed to be, a heartbreaking three years. That was. Until last Sunday. As a newbie Silver Spring resident, I decided to meet my friends at this well-talked about location. Full disclosure, they weren’t kidding about dive bar…

  • Relationships

    Who gets to hold hands?

    I was walking to meet a group of friends the other night for trivia when I saw a couple holding hands. Something I often smile to myself about. Hand holding is such a simple gesture and a simple way to say “hey, I really dig you being in my space right now”. Think about it. That feeling you are projecting onto the person you choose to hold hands with is what? Can you put that feeling into words? Is it that you enjoy their company? You appreciate their companionship? That you adore them? Once I began mentally exploring what it is that hand holding means to me I remembered reading…

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