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    What’s in your closet?

    What’s in my closet? I mean really. Like in the deep, dark corners (which are actually quite dark when it’s either cloudy or nighttime – or both – I really should put some damn lights in there!) For the past month or so I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the meer presence of it. So I close the doors when I sleep because it seems to calm the room down. Out of sight, out of mind. So sometimes, I lay on my bed with a piano only station playing on Pandora & spend time in my head. Last night that brought me into my closet. As I lay there thinking about…

  • Relationships

    Date 3 months. Get married. Does that work?

    I saw a headline the other day that cited an actress married her boyfriend of three months. Without going into the details of their particular situation (because I really don’t know, nor exactly care to know), I did stop and think “What IS “long enough”? Can you know someone enough in three months time to know that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with them? (oooo. I just realized I want to unpack what THAT means, I digress) I think in three months you definitely have enough days to get to know someone’s family background, their journey to where they are now, what they hope for…

  • Earth

    Why a car?!?

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard about how Elon Musk has sent a Tesla Roadster and a Starman into space. A car. And. Well. I have questions. I’ve read article after article trying to wrap my head around this whole event. Trying to figure out WHY. Why a car? Just why? I get it’s entertaining?! It’s never been done before?! It’s all in the name of science. Sure. It IS pretty significant. I can admit that and respect the sheer impressiveness of it all. Of seeing the Starman cruising through space in a convertible like any other great day for a drive with the top down. BUT. WHY. That car…

  • Lifestyle,  Who Am I

    Ups & Downs

    I’m going to go back to a moment I had meditating this morning. On my mind this morning were the ups and downs of life. We all experience them and know them well. They are truly inevitable. As I continued to pull myself back to my breath when my mind would wander I was able to see a strong parallel between my thoughts and what happens to my body as I focused on deep breathing. With each deep breath my chest would rise to nearly full capacity and then it would slowly deflate to empty. Up and down. The more I let my mind sit comfortably with my worlds meeting…

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